Beautiful in the Eyes of Your Maker

“When a woman veils herself in modesty, she is not hiding herself from men; she is revealing her DIGNITY to them,” this might probably be a statement that I could not forget when I think of modesty among us women. “In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; […]

Embracing New Roads of Life

People say that life can change in an instant. Parents who lost their son due to an accident, a woman who was diagnosed with incurable disease, a failing marriage that led to divorce, a father who met a severe accident, a young woman who suffered with depression and anxiety – all are real stories that […]

Love Your Neighbor

Whenever I hear this phrase “love your neighbor,” I always say that it is already a cliché. Everyone knows that especially when you are already a Christian. We have been bombarded with sermons, books, preaching, and maybe even counsels on how we ought to love others. Even those people who are not in the faith […]

A Woman's Journey of Faith

Finding God in the Midst of Everything.

Elan Mudrow


Gracefully Humbled

Empowering Women to Push Through

Mugilan Raju

Prime my subconscious, one hint at a time


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