The Loneliness of a Christian

Have you ever struggled with loneliness? You have your caring friends. You have your loving family. Or maybe it is just the opposite. You don’t feel loved, and your soul is in constant search for happiness which seems so elusive. You want to be understood. You long to be fulfilled. But there is always that […]

Why Do We Need To Give Thanks Even In Bad Times?

It was supposedly a fine and wonderful Sunday when a brother told us the sad news of his sister’s passing away. His eyes showed brokenness and grief, but he still managed to stand in front of the congregation and sang for the Lord. Though, he was grieving inside, his godly countenance still exuded despite his […]

A Woman's Journey of Faith

Finding God in the Midst of Everything.

Elan Mudrow


Gracefully Humbled

Empowering Women to Push Through

Mugilan Raju

Prime my subconscious, one hint at a time


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