Have you ever struggled with loneliness?

You have your caring friends. You have your loving family. Or maybe it is just the opposite. You don’t feel loved, and your soul is in constant search for happiness which seems so elusive. You want to be understood. You long to be fulfilled. But there is always that loneliness inside of you that you cannot even explain.

I hated loneliness. I dealt with that for many years. I never wanted it. I kept trying to look for happiness around me – with people, with things, and with relationships. But I failed. I started to wonder why. I am a Christian. Am I not supposed to be happy and joyful in the Lord all the time?

Everybody has a story to tell about loneliness. I am sure that at some point in our lives, loneliness became our companion. You know what I have learned from that? That loneliness is good. That it should never be hated nor feared. Because in our worldly loneliness, we find joy in the Lord.

What does this mean and how can loneliness be good?

We can never be really understood by anyone perfectly especially that we are living in this broken world and surrounded by people who don’t love the Lord. When we try to share this struggle to them, it is rarely that they understand it. The same is true even to our fellow Christians.

As I learn the stories of people in the bible, it dawns on me that those people who mostly felt loneliness were the ones who walked closer to God. Enoch walked with God faithfully for three hundred years and God took Him (Genesis 5:24). It made me think, “how close really was Enoch’s walk with God that it lasted three hundred years?” Further, the lives of great Christians like Abraham, David, Joseph, and Job gave us great illustrations of walking with loneliness but victorious Christian life. In their loneliness, they sought God. In their sorrow, they prayed for encouragement.

1. Run To God For Encouragement And Fulfillment

When David could not find any more encouragement around, He found his encouragement in the Lord His God (1 Samuel 30:6).

Where do we run to for encouragement? Is it in the temporal things of the world? To be honest, I always have discouragements. I know that I need God to fulfill and encourage me. For without Him, I will never find rest. His peace will make me feel calm when the raging storms surround me. His Word is enough to draw me closer to Him.

When Hannah was greatly distressed, she did not long for Elkanah’s comfort. Instead, she went to the presence of the Lord and poured her heart out to her Maker (1 Samuel 1:9-18).

2. Recognize That Our Loneliness Will Make Us Long For Jesus More

You are never left alone when you are alone with God.” Woodkrow Kroll

Woodkrow nailed this truth in our Christian life. Our lonely soul will always find comfort with the One who knows everything about us. The Lord said that even our hairs are numbered (Matthew 10:30). So is our loneliness not hidden in His sight. He gave us this loneliness for us to yearn more of Him. When we are lonely, there is a drive to look for God and commune with Him. There is the desire to get on our knees and plead to God to heal our lonely soul.

3. Realize That Our Completeness And Satisfaction is in God Alone

It is like a product, in that, the only person who mastered it is the maker. We are God’s loving product. Our whole is understood by Him perfectly because He is the one who made us. When we keep pushing ourselves to find satisfaction and completeness around, we are just creating more damage to our soul than good.

The Psalmist, in the loneliness of His soul poured out his heart to the Lord. He persuaded to give praise to God when he said, “ . . . and the people shall be created shall praise the Lord” (Psalm 102:18).

Solomon had it all–richness, power, fame, and wisdom—yet, he considered all vanity.

We are created with an empty space that only God is able to fill in.

How good can it be to experience loneliness? My perspective has changed. My loneliness is God’s way of drawing my attention towards Him. Is this a burden? Definitely not! It is a wonderful experience that only a person who walks with God is able to walk through.

Christ literally walked in our shoes and entered into our affliction.” Tim Keller.

Are you lonely today? Seek God’s face.


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