A Quiet and Trusting Heart

“Lord, help me to be still in you. I feel exhausted doing nothing but wait.” This was my prayer to God a few months ago. Due to my health condition, I was restricted to do the activities and things that I needed and loved to do. I felt like I was being caged. It caused […]

Will God Answer My Prayer?

During our midweek service, we often sing a song that goes like this, ” God answers prayer in the morning God answers prayer at noon God answers prayer in the evening So keep your heart in tune.” Have you ever doubt God’s ability to answer our prayers? Many times we feel that God is just […]

10 Ways For Christians To Have A Fruitful 2019

New year has started. Probably for some of you, you have written your new year’s resolutions (for the *nth time). Others might have started their journey towards betterment. I don’t know about you, but new year for me is a good start to reflect on the things from the past and to ponder on the […]

A Woman's Journey of Faith

Finding God in the Midst of Everything.

Elan Mudrow


Gracefully Humbled

Empowering Women to Push Through

Mugilan Raju

Prime my subconscious, one hint at a time


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