Will God Answer My Prayer?

During our midweek service, we often sing a song that goes like this, ” God answers prayer in the morning God answers prayer at noon God answers prayer in the evening So keep your heart in tune.” Have you ever doubt God’s ability to answer our prayers? Many times we feel that God is just […]

Trusting in Waiting: Psalm 62

Have you ever thought that in waiting there is trusting? My friend once asked me with frustration, “Why didn’t the Lord answer my prayer? I have been waiting for quite sometime. I guess He does not hear me.” She had prayed for something to God for a long time, but she never saw it came to pass. […]

The Strength to Soar

Waiting. Wait patiently and cheerfully. Something that I need to remind myself every now and then.  As I wait for prayers to be answered, it is my prayer that the Lord will enable me to respond in a godly way that still pleases Him. One thing that amazes me is how the Lord is using […]

A Woman's Journey of Faith

Finding God in the Midst of Everything.

Elan Mudrow


Gracefully Humbled

Empowering Women to Push Through

Mugilan Raju

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